You + Planner = Happy Wedding Day

Weddings are just big parties, right? How hard could it be to hire a caterer and a band?

Well, in our experience, if an entire profession exists to provide a particular service, then either

1.) not just anyone is capable of doing it


2.) it’s hard enough that paying someone is a better option.

And planning for and managing ALL of the details necessary for a SUCCESSFUL wedding meet both criteria in our book. That is why we offer a discount on our detail management fees when a client hires a planner. Still not convinced it would be money well spent?

What can a planner take off your plate…well, just to name a few things:

Vendor selection & management….

Each wedding averages 12 separate vendors. That’s 12 important (and often expensive) decisions for you to make based almost entirely on a business’s web presence and online reviews. Plus, each of them needs a lot of information to do his/her job well. Do you want to be in charge of all of those decisions and relationships and details, and still do your life? Instead, make one big decision, hiring the right planner. Then trust them to whittle down the prospective vendors to those they know and trust and who meet your vision, style and budget! Once selected, your planner can manage all the vendor required decision and payment deadlines and only ask you questions they don’t already have the answers to themselves. Leaving you to obsess over really important stuff, like the honeymoon locale.

Design and Décor….

Most brides have vision boards or Pinterest boards or old-school binders filled with torn out pictures. But how do you put it all together into a real life vibe that is coherent and reflective of your personality? Hire a planner that offers full design services too! Let these experts take all of your big ideas and favorite pins and turn them into something that is special and unique to you and your big day! This includes sourcing personalized favors or design items and even cool local or custom food items to incorporate you and your fiancé’s one-of-a-kind style to the day.

Challenging Family Dynamics….

Not all families are picture perfect, even if the wedding photos make it look that way! Got step-parents with big opinions? In-laws who want to help pay, with all kinds of strings attached? An older sibling whose wedding you feel you have to “top?” A mama you love but who make you a little crazy? You need a really good planner! While these folks are not traditionally trained therapists, they can often serve as a buffer between personalities, a mediator of ideas, a sounding board and a safe place to share you true wedding dreams, fears and wishes. Daddy doesn’t like the seating arrangement? It was the planner’s expert opinion.

Day-of Deliverance…

your wedding day should be just that… Your. Wedding. Day. ALL you need to be thinking about is getting married to your favorite person in the world. Not tracking down the cake delivery driver who got lost. Or making sure the teenage cousins don’t get into the booze before the catering staff arrives. You can’t get your hair done and set up the escort card display at the same time.  And you certainly don’t want to be the person in charge of keeping everyone on the timeline, wrangling tipsy groomsmen or making sure all the decor is dismantled and packed up for the final 2am loadout. Let the professionals handle the details, so you can relax. And enjoy and be present for the whole day!

So, while successful low-key DIY weddings do exist, if you have any specific dreams for your big day, you should really consider adding a professional, experienced, local planner to your budget. We have never worked with a couple who regretted it.