Happy New Year! We have enjoyed some down time with our friends and family and are now getting back into planning, networking, and setting goals for 2013! One of our goals…BLOG MORE!

Back in December, we joined Studio Wed Asheville in a group volunteer project at the Veteran’s Restoration Quarters. As some of you may remember, our good friend Stephanie arranged a great donation to them on Veteran’s Day. It was so much fun to go back and work with the kitchen staff in preparing lunch for the residents! An inspiring group of men, old and young, who have generously served our country here and abroad. I can’t wait to go back!

It is amazing how spending a day giving your time and expecting nothing in return can make you look at the world with a different view. In the wedding business, we are often busy, busy planning and executing and don’t stop to appreciate everything that we have and how lucky we are to be doing what we are doing! Thank you to all of our vendor friends and family!