Recently, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kathleen Hahn of I Do Dances. Kathleen is a very talented and energetic professional dancer here in Asheville who has a ridiculously unique business focused on a very small but important part of any wedding day…the First Dance! I met Kathleen through the “All the Single Ladies” dance class that she teaches…yes, that is correct…I am learning how to shake it like Beyonce (along with about 30 other local ladies including Nicole Riley of Verge Events and Michelle Balog of Party Envy!)

We always love to promote local wedding vendors especially when they have a  business like Kathleen’s! We asked her to write a bit about I Do Dances and let us know how it works…here you go!

I Do Dances choreographs personalized First Dances, Father-Daughter dances, and Mother-Son dances for your wedding. That’s right, you pick a song you love, connect with, would have fun dancing to and Kathleen Hahn and her dance partner create a dance that fits your personalities and the style and feeling you’re looking for. Don’t know how to dance? Kathleen thinks you do, “it’s just a matter of digging out, uncovering, dusting off the hidden dancer inside!”
Your wedding day, whew . . . such a big day . . . one of the most important days of your life, the biggest party you will ever throw, probably the only occasion when you can get that many of your friends and family in one room, and you’ve meticulously planned every aspect of your wedding except that one moment for 3 to 4 minutes when everyone is silent and staring at you! This isn’t meant to scare you but inspire you! It’s really the perfect opportunity to do something that’s unique and personal that your guests will love!

How I Do Dances works:
Unlike other dance studios I Do Dances is very accessible to couples who don’t live in town as well as local couples. Kathleen meets with you to get to know you and what you’re looking for, she choreographs a dance to your song with your specifications, you meet again with her dance partner for a two hour lesson to learn your dance, you are sent home with an instructional DVD of your dance that makes practicing on your own and keeping the dance fresh in your memory super easy, you meet once more right before the wedding to sharpen things up and Ta Da! the crowd goes wild! Personalized dances for everyone! Customized packages are also available to locals who are interested in more private instruction.

Check out Kathleen’s website and see videos of the dances she’s made and more fun info on dance, dance and more dance. Remember, 3 months before your wedding is a great time to start preparing. Let’s dance!