Our beef tenderloin is exceptionally good, in part because we buy high quality meat and in part because we take great care in its preparation. Our beef tenderloin is delicious. But we can cook SO MUCH MORE FUN STUFF.

mini deep dish pizzaThat’s why we get really excited when potential clients, usually brides but not always, contact us with a fun menu idea, or better yet several. Over the years these requests have led us to cook and create innumerable one-of-a kind menu items. We have prepared ethnic cuisine from the country where the couple met while doing relief work. We have made treasured family recipes, sacred mixtures of  great grandmother’s favorite ingredients. We have created entire menus based on a bride’s favorite fruit. We have recreated and (dare I say it?) improved upon a few national restaurant chain favorites. We have mastered the art of customized handmade syrups (even made to match the table linens!)  for signature cocktails. We have made an entirely vegetarian Southern BBQ menu (imagine it:  NO PORK anywhere, not even the greens) and it was sensational. So when I met with a bride living in Chicago this week who wants to feature not only our delicious dressed up southern hors d’Oeuvres but also mini Chicago Dogs and mini Deep Dish Pizzas at her wedding next year, it made me really happy….we were going to get to experiment with assorted deep dish PIZZAS.  Needless to say, lunch today was pretty awesome. So, thanks Alexis!

All you brides out there with a wacky menu idea, PLEASE call us!