Wedding receptions are as unique as the couples they celebrate, but the basic format options boil down to about three: the heavy hors d’oeuvres cocktail party, the buffet meal and the plated dinner. Now, we do LOVE the hors d’oeuvres option.”Finger foods” are fun to make, allow for innumerable versions of a requested ingredient and creative service presentation, but mostly you can eat them while dancing with a cocktail in your other hand. Buffets are great for couples who want a meal, but not necessarily the formality and structure of a plated reception. After-all, there certainly is something to be said for gathering around a  table on a most special occasion. Perhaps this is why we hold the third possibility, the plated supper, in such high regard. Aside from making the food the centerpiece of the celebration, which we think is fantastic, it is the most formal, traditional style of  reception, almost Old Testament. The Wedding Feast.

Plated meals allow for gorgeous centerpieces like this one from Flora, as well as more formal place settings, complete with colorful napkins

Once a couple has decided on the plated format, there are still many variations from which to chose and decisions to be made…For example, will you offer passed hors d’oeuvres during a cocktail hour before the meal? (We highly recommend this.) How many courses do you want to serve? Do you want guests to pre-select entrees on the RSVP card or offer everyone the same protein? Would you prefer a “Split-plate” option- small servings of two proteins on each plate? Or, as is becoming more and more popular, would a family style service be preferred? While venue will often determine which of these is the best fit, the usual deciding factor is the overriding “theme”and feel the couple want for the reception. With eight years of experience, we have executed nearly every imaginable menu combination, and are happy to help facilitate clarity of vision with regards to the many nuances of planning a reception meal.  Whatever is served, in whatever order, on whatever platter, we can guarantee that our couples’  friends and family will  feel  they are genuinely honored guests.