Ragan & Tara

The Colorful Palate is a catering company founded on friendship. Tara and Ragan are the best kind of friends, life-long. Since their first encounter in first grade, these two have shared every thing…from swim practice carpool rides to trans-Atlantic plane rides. Homework answers to recipes. Summer jobs to business ownership. And through it all, their friendship has only grown stronger.

Tara entered the culinary world right out of college and attended Johnson and Wales where she discovered a special knack for catering. After a hugely educational internship and subsequent job with a successful catering company in Charlotte, she decided she wanted to move to the food loving mountains and make a go of it in the catering world. Her favorite part of catering is the flexibility. Of menus, of staff scheduling, of days off. Of work days divided up into ever-changing  percentages of  client contact, administrative duties, marketing, networking and of course, cooking.

Ragan took a different road to the food industry, arriving by way of gallery retail, home school instruction and high school English. Her favorite part of catering is the wide variety that custom menu planning affords her. As a Southerner and long-time lover of foods from afar, a reformed vegetarian, a recently converted Gluten-free eater, the child of a self-professed “health nut,'” and grandchild of two wonderful cooks, her own culinary experiences have given her a great respect for the enormous individuality of the palate.

Despite their different paths, their shared destination must have been providential, because neither can imagine doing anything else, anywhere else, with anyone else!