Our People

We are The Colorful Palate.

We believe that by preparing excellent food
we can create communities,
and we believe that communities can affect change.
So, we believe that food can be a force for change.
Yep. Good food can help make good things happen.
Think about it.
Q: What’s the quickest way to get a bunch of your
friends together?
A: Call and tell them there’s good food and drinks
at your house.
What happens when your friends get together?
They talk.
They laugh.
Sometimes they might cry.
They share frustrations and joys.
They share ideas.
They argue.
They debate.
They affect each other’s outlooks.
They encourage.
They reminisce.
They give advice.
They take advice.
They ignore advice, and the next time they get together they talk about how they should have taken that advice.
So, this is why we cater.
We are in the business of giving people a good reason to
be in the same room. And there is no better reason for a bunch of people to be in the same room than to eat.
We want to feed the bodies of neighbors,
so they can feed each other’s minds and spirits.