We recently catered our second BIG wedding at Camp Rockmont’s Eden Hall. It was a  really fun, laid back affair with a menu focused on local, sustainable fare. There were SC grown and ground grits, Pork BBQ from Hickory Nut Gap FarmSunburst Trout Farms‘ Smoked Trout and our one of a kind Trout Cakes made with their sausage,  and of course all of the Colorful Palate’s soon to be famous Old South Bruschetta toppings! But our FAVORITE part of the evening had to be the dramatically choreographed first dance to none other than “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” It. Was. Awesome. Stay tuned for a full “real wedding” style post when we get some pictures from the photographer!

Evidently, MC and Griffin had a blast too. We just got this thank you from the bride and thought it was so sweet, we wanted to share it (aka brag)…

Hi Tara, Ragan,  and The Colorful Palate staff,

Thank you all SO SO MUCH for the amazingly delicious food that you all prepared for our wedding! I heard lots of people talking about how good it was and Griffin and I enjoyed the to go boxes for several days after the wedding. Everything was delicious! We are still enjoying some of the black eyed pea hummus. The butternut/ goat cheese? dip and the rosemary bean dip were so different and scrumptious… I hope to try and recreate them! I loved the smoked trout, the tartlets, the black eyed pea fritters, the veggies, the shrimp and grits, the biscuit crostinis… everything!! I was so impressed with your staff and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I truly appreciate all that you all did to make that night so much fun!

I hope that you all are doing well and I wish I could get married again soon to eat your food again! Maybe I can just show up at a wedding you are catering and pretend to be a distant cousin…. just kidding.

Thank you all again and I hope you are enjoying the now cold fall weather!

Peace, Mary Carroll Dodd