Nothing will get a day off to a good start like the email we got this morning:

Good morning. Over five years ago, you catered a wedding of a friend of mine in Asheville. Ever since, I’ve been trying to recreate the tempeh recipe that was served – the green apple, green onion, and soy marinated tempeh. It was sooooo delicious!  Is there any way you could share the recipe with me?  Thanks, Betsy Harris

Well, we may not give out ALL of our recipes, but you can be sure we sent her this one (well, the closest approximation anyway, since we notoriously don’t record these things!)

Thought y’all might be interested as well:

Tempeh with Apples & Chives

Cut the Tempeh (triangles, cubes, slices) then marinate  in:

Soy or Tamari
Honey (or other vegan sweetener like Agave or rice syrup)
Lemon Juice
Sriracha-if you like it spicy, or plain red pepper flakes
Olive oil
(Mix these together until it tastes the way YOU like it…sweet, salty or tart)
Equal parts honey & lemon with a dash of soy is lighter, but if you like soy, go crazy!

Reserve the marinade

In aprox. ¼” of hot vegetable oil Fry the Tempeh,  turning so that each side gets brown & crisp

Remove from oil and place on drip rack or paper towel

Reduce the marinade over low heat until it thickens slightly

Just before service, sauté the Tempeh with the marinade and the sliced apples …

Top with Chives