Holy cow. And while we’re at it: holy duck, pig, lamb, crab, salmon, shrimp, and chicken. And biscuit crostini, and mashed potatoes, and towers of produce boxes, and 80 ounce containers of sour cream, and stone ground grits…… we have hit record numbers on our prep sheet this week. From Thursday to today (Sunday) we will have fed over 600 people. Mostly at weddings. We are exhausted. But we also continue to feel blessed and proud to get to be such a big part of so many couples’ big days.









We also feel blessed to have so many fantastic colleagues to work along side us on weekends like this. We really could not do our jobs as well as we do without the amazing professionalism of our industry partners. Like our event planner friends, the venues we work in, the fantastic Classic Event Rental crew and most especially all of our incredible kitchen and event staff,  most of whom have “real” jobs and could be at a lake somewhere sipping a cold one instead of working with us! Thank you all sooo much!

Now, its off  to the kitchen for two more weddings. And tomorrow….cold ones.