We are regular sponsors of NC Stage Company.  At the first Thursday of each show’s run, we provide food for their Happy Hour and  a Half, a special cocktail time with complimentary food for patrons. We have always tried to tie our menu selections into the play,  by decor and/or menu selections  that are somehow reflective of the play’s period, mood, theme, genre or setting.

Tonight, we took it to a whole new level.  One Flea Spare is set in 14th century London, at the height of the plague. Yep.

So we scoured the internet for 14th century cookbooks and found lots, still in Middle English. Finally we found one that has been widely “translated” and lauded as quite comprehensive of the age, The Forme of Cury.

14th century cooking

Armed with a book full of recipes we could understand, we came up with quite a feast, full of cool new flavor combinations and cooking methods. What a FUN day we had in the kitchen today! Braising a pork loin in a spiced red wine sauce, making what is essentially a medieval barbecue sauce for chicken, re-working the original sweet bread pudding recipe, learning new spice blends and even making OLD FASHIONED ginger snaps (they were so hard to chew it was scary).

So, for those of you who really like to try new things in the kitchen, try something old, really old. It’s an eye opening and palate enhancing experience.