At The Black Keys show in October 2010

Tara and I are both big fans of music. In fact Asheville’s  local music scene is part of what influenced both of us to live here. And while we do not have the time to go to nearly the shows we once did (Weddings are usually on Saturdays, after all), we do still like to rock out in the kitchen (thanks WNCW!), and sometimes we do get that magical day off that coincides with a date on the tour calendar of a long time favorite. Our tastes may not be identical, but they do overlap in a lot of places..most recently, and most often…

The Avett Brothers…a NC band that we have loved for almost as long as we have been catering. For a while now they have played in Asheville on or near New Years every year and we LOVE their shows.

The Black Keys. They may be on ten TV show soundtracks and at least three national commercials, but we still love the grimy get-down of this Ohio duo. We saw them this fall at The Orange Peel.   They rocked it out.

10th Anniversary SCR show at The Orange Peel last Friday

The Steep Canyon Rangers. Oh, The Rangers. Our first taste of the new school of old time Bluegrass. We saw them live for the first time almost a decade ago, and for a while were almost groupies (without the dirty back stage antics). Now they play Letterman and tour with Steve Martin and probably wouldn’t recognize us on the street. But we still love them and LOVE to hear them pick and sang.

Widespread Panic. These guys are pretty much Tara’s all time favorite, so I have been to a few shows with her along the way. The annual Warren Hayne’s Christmas Jam usually brings one or more of them to town, which is why we try and schedule that night off and definitely do cater the VIP party at the Pre-Jam (thanks again WNCW!)…Dave Schools, Tara will cook red beans for you, anytime.

Festivals!!! There are some super fun regional music festivals that we try and make appearances at when we can…a few favorites: Merelfest, FloydFest, LEAF and of course Asheville’s own Bele Chere.

And every once in a while, we have the distinct pleasure of feeding one of our all time favorites before a show. Over the years we have served our handmade meals to the likes of The Indigo Girls, Alison Krauss AND Union Station, Bruce Hornsby,  Loretta Lynn, Mavis Staples, Mary Chapin Carpenter and even Doc Watson, who was a big fan of our chocolate torte…some of the best nights we spent working were back stage at these shows. But there is still nothing like being out in the crowd, with hundreds of fans, singing along.