We love receiving emails like this one! One of the lovely ladies  from Verge Events (and Studio Wed)  emailed a potential client about us…this is what she said!


Verge Events and Colorful Palate

“Colorful Palate is simply amazing! They are food people too and have the corner on Southern style (and lots of other corners too!).  This is truly an honest opinion….Colorful Palate was invited to join StudioWed BECAUSE  of their excellent abilities.  That’s the beauty of StudioWed, it’s not something that just anyone can join because they are able to pay to be included.  The system for entry is very specific,  and you will be absolutely thrilled with their ability to capture your vision, with the food, and the service!  I just attended a food tasting with them yesterday, and, as usual, was just “wowed” (Grits bar to die for)!  I know how frightening it can be to make decisions where you feel you may not have enough information or even enough time to check things out but Verge Events is committed to helping ease your fear with our tried and true connections.  Another bonus to using their catering is that they are very familiar with the space and how everything works which is crucial to pulling off a food event in the moment! I’m glad to talk with you in person if you have questions that you’d like to dig into, but just know, you are absolutely making a good decision should you select Colorful Palate!”

Thanks Verge Events…we love you too!