By now, being green isn’t so much an option as it is a way of  life, especially for Asheville businesses. We love where we live so much, its’ easy to want to do those little things that will help keep it vital, natural and beautiful for as long as we can. We have been trying to do our part for years now, but a lot of the things we do are “behind the scenes.”  Things our clients may not even know about, and some of them are thing folks can do in their own homes or offices.  Aside from purchasing locally produced food goods whenever we can ( they taste better ANYWAY!), we are also proud to say….

  • We recycle our cooking oil. It’s a little gross, but it feels soooo good not to throw it out (or down the drain!). We give ours (50 gallons a time) to Blue Ridge Bio-Fuels who turn it into an alternative fuel source. What are you doing with yous?
  • We watch our plastic usage…it’s hard not to buy food products packaged in plastic. But more and more producers are using a “compostable” plant based plastic. So flip that container over see what it’s made of! If it is plastic but not locally recyclable (the opening has to be smaller than the base), we try and reuse it as Tupperware, or as  seed start pots, or as a paperclip containers, etc!
  • We reuse and we recycle. For our recyclables, we use  Curbie Pick Up Service and send off all of our cardboard boxes, cans, recyclable plastic and glass. Most of our food products are delivered  in some type of packaging, and most of that packaging gets recycled or reused. We save our produce boxes and give them back to Mountain Food Products and we LOVE to plant things in our bushel boxes and use them in rustic table decorations!
  • We adore compostables and only use compostable plates, utensils, cups, and boxes for our lunch deliveries . There are SO many green (and cute) alternatives to disposables these days! Just Google it if you don’t believe us! Next pot-luck, try  bamboo plates and corn forks!
  • We grow our own. Every edible plant you grow and eat from, is one less item that has to be driven to market. Even little things help. So we like to have like herb boxes out front (in peach baskets and bushel boxes).
  • We carpool. Our staff all like each other, which is nice for lots of reasons. One of them being that for out of  area events, they all happily pile into a couple of cars and save fuel. It’s more fun and by the time they  get to work, they are all caught up on the week’s gossip!
  • We try really hard not to use bottled water…so we buy 5 Gallon jugs from Mountain Valley! It tastes good and they take the empty bottles and reuse them. It’s a real win/win for our tented weddings. Guests can enjoy tasty water without the hundreds of bottles to deal with and we can proudly display the dispenser on its cute little ceramic crock provided by Mountain Valley.