Last week, Ragan and I got together with some friends and carved pumpkins! It’s fun to see all the different ideas that come out of both adults and children!  Check out our pumpkins below! I like to go more free-style than a traditional pumpkin face. Ragan wanted a pirate with an eye patch and was obliged by her husband. Just one more example of why our business relationship works so well…we even have totally different creative ideas!

L-R, Pumpkin carvings by Tara, Emily, Phil and Ragan (and Logan)

Don't like that oh-so-oookie feeling of pumpkin guts on your hands? No problem! Just wear a kitchen glove...

I took some seeds home to experiment with some roasting ideas…here is what I came up with! Let us know what other flavor ideas you have too!

When you are carving your pumpkin, scoop out (a spoon works best) and separate the seeds from the pumpkin flesh and strings (AKA Guts).

Wash them well (usually putting then in a big bowl of water and rubbing them between your hands is a fast way to clean them) and let them drain in a strainer for about 30 minutes, then spread them out on a baking pan. I put mine on paper towels to soak up the moisture…you want them dry! Some people will use a hair dryer, but I imagined seeds flying all over my kitchen!

Spread the seeds evenly over a cookie sheet and lightly baste the seeds with melted butter. Then, pick your poison…here are a few ideas!

Savory: Butter with chopped garlic and fresh herbs
Fall Spice: Butter with cinnamon, ginger, allspice…add some sea salt for a little extra flavor!
Sugar & Spice: Butter with chili powder, paprika, and brown sugar (mix the brown sugar in with the butter before putting it on the seeds)
The Old Fashion: Butter with sea salt

Roast the seeds in a 300* oven stirring often. Keep a close eye on them…they will burn easily!

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a great addition to all kinds of dishes especially soup and salads! Go crazy…experiment and enjoy!