onesieWe have catered so many events over the years that will remain forever ingrained in the memories of the attendees or guests of honor, but a very few hold truly special places in our hearts. Last weekend was one of the parties to end up on that short list.

We catered crave satisfying brunch fare for a baby shower for one of Ragan’s friends here in Asheville. Charlotte is pregnant with her first, a girl. The guest list was littered with athletes, type A professionals and one caterer. That is to say: not a a lot of girly girls, NOT a crew of crafters. But after filling our bellies with yummy food, a couple of champagne cocktails and some good conversation, we all settled down to decorate onesies for the growing bump.

And it was FUN!  We only had to cut and glue. Thankfully the hostess had printed templates and stencils, had bought precious fabric remnants and supplied us with glue and brushes. In a mater of minutes we had created 15 custom, one of a kind wearable works of art-each one sure to bring a smile to mama and daddy’s overtired faces.

So, no matter the crowd, it seems all it takes to get everyone on the same page is good grub, good company and an overwhelmingly out-of-the-norm activity we can all bond over!

decorating onesies