Our Team

There is no “I” In Colorful Palate.

Good people are the main ingredient necessary for a successful event. Our people are the best.


Our Office Manager. Food lover and a people person. So, pretty much perfect for the job. While not technically a southerner, she has the natural hospitality and grace of a belle and can “conversate” with just about anybody on just about any topic. She’s a sort of renaissance woman after all….She’s a retired roller girl, an official soda jerk, a band wife, an aunt, a great Mommy, a really excellent friend and a world traveler. She wrangles all of our full-service client details, keeps us on task in the office and can still smile when we say, “Hey Lacey, can you….” one thousand times a day. Oh yeah, and did we mention she loves food? Give her a call, you’ll see what we mean!


Certified Executive Chef. Transplanted Yankee. Honorary Southerner. And the newest member of the Palate crew. Don loves to cook so much that his license plate even pays homage! He speaks softly and carries a big knife. We’ve never seen him flustered, upset or stressed out. He knows a lot about a lot but usually waits until you ask to tell you so. He’s a dad, a corn-hole league member, a serious ACF member, a local ice cream connoisseur and is constantly challenging us to up our fine-dining game. He may take food seriously, but he keep us giggling in the kitchen and we’re super happy to have him on the team.


Simply put, one hell of a woman! She has been a Palate-teer for almost 10 years off and on but recently became a regular kitchen crew member, and we love it! She’s a gardener, landlady, care-giver, photographer, graphic designer, master of spreadsheets and systems and has lived in more countries than the rest of us have visited. She keeps our kitchen tidy and organized, invented our new favorite Mint Chocolate Sugar Cookies, is responsible for pretty much any hors d’oeuvre we make that takes extra precision and attention to detail and makes the best dang pimento cheese True South has ever sent into the world. She also gets us to listen to the most interesting music and has some of the best stories we’ve ever heard! Perfect canapes and Peruvian travel tales, oh Emily must be working today!


Event Staff.

The weekend warriors. By day they are social workers, teachers, realtors, moms and dads, herbalists, musicians, cooks, bakers, farmers, artists, entrepreneurs and the sorts of people that make Asheville such an amazing town. Many of our catering team members have been working with us for years. Everyone is a food lover with a great attitude. Their goal, for every event, is to anticipate and seamlessly meet the needs of our clients and their guests, many of whom have used the phrase “invisible force” to describe the staff. Whatever was needed appeared. Whatever was required was done. That perfectly describes our service aim. And that’s why we call our crew ninjas.